Vision Capital M can outsource all or part of your investment research activities at a very competitive price with no compromises in the quality!

We are able to provide you, regularly or on a demand basis, with a variety of services in the investment field, including:

  • independent investment research and financial analysis of publicly traded companies or investment opportunities of your choice
  • research of hedging opportunities
  • analysis of portfolio strategies
  • FOREX Sentiment index and analysis
  • education

We provide independent investment research and financial analysis on various investment topics, opportunities or asset classes, including equities, indexes, ETFs and FOREX trading and hedging, among others.

Geographically, our focus is mainly on U.S. equities and FOREX market because of the greater liquidity they provide. Being located in the EU however, we also have a vision of the macro economic conditions and securities markets in the EU, especially in emerging Europe and Bulgaria.

Recent researches of ours could be found through major market analysis distributors like Thomson Reuters or Factset.

Commentary economic publications, analysis and general researches of ours are published in websites like and