Vision Capital M offers independent financial analysis on publicly traded companies and investment opportunities of your choice. We will do the research job so you may focus on taking decisions. Examples.

The analysis may include some, or all, of the following not exhaustive list of topics:

  • company presentation
  • analysis of corporate governance
  • growth drivers analysis
  • swot analysis
  • risk analysis
    • operational risks which the company may face during its normal business operation
    • investment risks which concern an investment in the company’s stock
  • financial ratios analysis
  • competitors comparison
  • price analysis by the use of various financial models (Discounted Cash Flow, Dividend Discount Model, Price Multiples, etc.)


As an example you may check the Speedy AD report (.pdf) which we made on the company’s recent secondary public offering (SPO) on the Bulgarian stock exchange.

You may also gain perspective of our abilities by looking at the following articles published in the SeekingAlpha website: