Train yourself to be a better investor. Sometimes this could mean simply to let yourself be in you own flow.

What is Alpha?

In the world of investments there are two main strategies in order to gain…

Be Humble. And Take Care of Trading Risks.

This nice picture which I recently saw on Pinterest (thanks go to for that), almost sums up all there is about risk management in trading on the financial markets. Be Humble. You Could Be Wrong. Unfortunately or not, trading in the financial markets, including the FOREX one, involves much more emotions than many of […]

38 steps to becoming a trader

The following list is a summary of steps a successful trader would pass through. Not everyone is expected to go through all of them. But regarding psychology and having in mind that the behavioral characteristics of men rarely change, those steps, more or less, might be present in each trader’s experience. The author of the […]

Do Our Experiences Determine Our Risk Preferences?

Below you will find a link to an interview with Joachim Klement, CFA, of Wellershoff & Partners LTD., who shares his observations on how our genes, past and experiences we all have had in our lives, determine the way we react to, and perceive, risk. These observations are valid for every part of human behaviour […]