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What is Alpha?

In the world of investments there are two main strategies in order to gain…

Alibaba Stock and Its Recent Market Movements

Recently I saw a short term opportunity in the Alibaba stock. My idea is that the stock might have hit a short term bottom for now and options might be a fine way to take advantage of any possible upward movement..

Triple Screen Trading System

The triple screen trading system is a trading system that aims at removing the flaws of focusing on only one technical indicator and one time frame when using technical analysis to make trading decisions.

Individual Forex Trading – Practical Knowledge and Hints

Recently I had the pleasure to be invited as a lecturer to the “The New Economic Reality – Opportunities and Challenges” international students’ forum in the town of Varna, Bulgaria. Other lecturers included prominent speakers like Mr. Vladimir Karolev, Mr. Viktor Papazov, Mr. Peter Ganev. My presentation about FOREX trading and psychology can be seen […]

Be Humble. And Take Care of Trading Risks.

This nice picture which I recently saw on Pinterest (thanks go to for that), almost sums up all there is about risk management in trading on the financial markets. Be Humble. You Could Be Wrong. Unfortunately or not, trading in the financial markets, including the FOREX one, involves much more emotions than many of […]

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