Alibaba Stock and Its Recent Market Movements

Recently I saw a short term opportunity in the Alibaba stock. My idea is that the stock might have hit a short term bottom for now and options might be a fine way to take advantage of any possible upward movement..

S&P 500 Technical Analysis: A Warning Sign? #technicalanalysis

S&P500 in the overbought area after recent record highs. Probable MACD bearish divergence on the daily graph. The index is still positive on the weekly and monthly graphs. A signal for a possible correction could come from the 4H graph – a bearish MACD divergence or a clear down direction. Anyway, the last third of […]

EURUSD: A retracement pullback? #technicalanalysis

Analysis moved to Thank you for your interest!

U.S. Stock Markets At New Highs

During the last week both of the U.S. Main indices, S&P500 and DJIA, made their new and fresh highs. As a Reuters article suggests, the main reason for this was that “last week’s batch of U.S. data left investors less sure the Federal Reserve would start to scale back its stimulus next month.” The data […]