A collection of recent financial analysis and researches.

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Mortgage-Backed Securities And Government Guarantees

In a recent poll of the CFA Institute on the topic, the vast majority of the responders answered that explicit or implicit government guarantees on the mortgage based securities would do more harm than help the house market. The reason for this is that all kind of government guarantees by definition have the ability to […]

EURUSD: A retracement pullback? #technicalanalysis

Analysis moved to http://forex.visioncapitalm.com/eurusd-a-retracement-pullback-technicalanalysis/ Thank you for your interest!

U.S. Stock Markets At New Highs

During the last week both of the U.S. Main indices, S&P500 and DJIA, made their new and fresh highs. As a Reuters article suggests, the main reason for this was that “last week’s batch of U.S. data left investors less sure the Federal Reserve would start to scale back its stimulus next month.” The data […]

The U.S. FOREX Market: The Most Mobile One in the World

A recent research by Investment Trends, an Australian market research organization, reveals some interesting characteristics of the U.S. retail FOREX market. First, according to the research, the U.S. retail FOREX market continues to be the biggest one among those examined by the company. Still, it is the one with the smallest penetration (only 0.05% of […]

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