We are an independent financial analysis and market research company, located in Bulgaria. We believe (and strive for) that our services provide enough value to our customers that we do not need to be located in any of the major financial centers of the world.


We like to keep things simple. And we like them to go smoothly. Often this would mean to give enough time for a situation to develop, for an asset class to grow, or a price movement to achieve its turning point. If this is the case, we do not mind waiting.

But when opportunities exist, we are quick to seize them.

We like arbitrage. We like opportunities with high risk/reward ratios. We like to offer alpha.

In our analyses we prefer to see what the future could hold rather than looking only on what the past have presented. Nevertheless, we analyze financial opportunities from many angles in order to get a better understanding of them.

We believe that in the past one could often find hints to the future. This includes financial analysis.

We often focus more on risks because those are which could drive the profit probabilities close to zero.


The mission we have accepted is to successfully help our clients achieve their goals. We are satisfied when they grow. We accept the mission of servants and we provide our services with gratitude. We place our clients interests before our own, of the firm, or of its employees.