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A Portfolio Superior to S&P500 Regarding Risk and Return

Disclaimer: The following text is a research document made for purely educational purposes, is not and should not be used as an (personalized) investment advice. ———– After a recent research on several risk and reward characteristics of some well known dividend paying stocks, we decided to combine those stocks in different portfolios in order to […]

Individual Forex Trading – Practical Knowledge and Hints

Recently I had the pleasure to be invited as a lecturer to the “The New Economic Reality – Opportunities and Challenges” international students’ forum in the town of Varna, Bulgaria. Other lecturers included prominent speakers like Mr. Vladimir Karolev, Mr. Viktor Papazov, Mr. Peter Ganev. My presentation about FOREX trading and psychology can be seen […]

Mortgage-Backed Securities And Government Guarantees

In a recent poll of the CFA Institute on the topic, the vast majority of the responders answered that explicit or implicit government guarantees on the mortgage based securities would do more harm than help the house market. The reason for this is that all kind of government guarantees by definition have the ability to […]

Be Humble. And Take Care of Trading Risks.

This nice picture which I recently saw on Pinterest (thanks go to for that), almost sums up all there is about risk management in trading on the financial markets. Be Humble. You Could Be Wrong. Unfortunately or not, trading in the financial markets, including the FOREX one, involves much more emotions than many of […]

38 steps to becoming a trader

The following list is a summary of steps a successful trader would pass through. Not everyone is expected to go through all of them. But regarding psychology and having in mind that the behavioral characteristics of men rarely change, those steps, more or less, might be present in each trader’s experience. The author of the […]

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